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Services » Transmission Engineering
  • Routing and permitting of transmission lines.
  • Assist in obtaining all surveying, including aerial photography and LIDAR.
  • Assist in R/W acquisition.
  • Develop cost studies and schedules.
  • Evaluate lines for maximum operating temperature and determine what is required for construction in order to bring the line up to the required capacity.
  • Transmission line design - all phases including foundations and special structures.
  • Develop material lists and procure materials.
  • Coordinate the design of the line and construction with all utilities involved, including interconnection, switches, and underbuild.
  • Distribution line design.
  • Develop plans and specifications.
  • Obtain construction bids.
  • Coordinate construction staking.
  • Construction inspection/observation.
  • Grading design for substations.
  • Substation engineering through Sebesta-Blomberg.
  • Storm related emergencies, rapid response.
  • Close out / As-Build Drawings.