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Portfolio » Utility

Washington Street Lift Station

The project was a 5,000 square foot new construction sanitary lift station in Bismarck, ND.  The mechanical systems include air handling units, corrosion resistant ductwork and piping, and explosion proof equipment.  Electrical systems include new motor control center, supervisor control panel, and backup generator.

161kV Tranmission Line Rebuild: 50 miles

This project involved rebuilding an existing 115kV wood pole h-frame transmission line to 161kV steel self-supporting structures.  2.7 miles of this was 161kV double circuit single pole steel and about 47.3 miles was rebuilt to 161kV single circuit single pole construction.   Most angle structures were placed on drilled pier foundations.  Most tangent structures were direct embedded.  Project also involved providing permit applications and exhibits for county, state, and various railroads and also included construction specifications.  Pls_cadd, Pls_pole, and Caisson software were used for analysis and modeling.

Ridgeway-Moranville 230kV NERC Study: 15.3 miles

This 230kV transmission line is wood h-frame construction.  Project involved analyzing this existing line for violations of the NESC clearance codes per NERC compliance requirements.  The survey was provided by LIDAR.  Provided was a list of possible violations of the current NESC code and a thermal rating analysis was also done to determine the maximum operating temperature that this line can be operated at without violating any clearance requirements.  Pls_cadd and Pls-Pole software was used for modeling and analysis.

69kV Tranmission Line Rebuild: 10 miles

This project involved the rebuild of an existing 34.5kV transmission line to 69kV.  The new structures were single circuit single pole horizontal post insulator construction.  It involved coordination with REC to accommodate 12.5kV underbuild designs.  It also went thru a city so involved coordination with the municipal.  Construction specifications were provided along with exhibits and permit applications.  Pls_cadd and pls_pole software were used for modeling and analysis.  This line was surveyed by ground crews.